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Image by Sherard Campbell


Coming from a background in professional writing with no "formal" teaching experience, I didn't know what to expect going into the MAED. This essay reflects on my goals when starting the program, and analyzes how they've adapted as I now near the end of my time in the program. To read more about this unexpected journey, click here.

Image by Ádám Berkecz


With almost four years of graduate work under my belt, it's safe to say I have some exciting plans for future teaching. In this essay, I identify three ways in which I have already grown as an educator, and hope to continue to expand on in my future classrooms. More information on the goals I've set for myself and the resources I'm using to achieve them can be found here.

Image by William Warby


From learning about curriculum standards for the first time, to embracing technology in the classroom, to challenging my own subconscious biases and privileges, my journey in the MAED was never short of excitement and discovery. In a final synthesis essay, I share what courses had the biggest impact on me as well as some closing thoughts. Read more here.

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